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You’re A Diamond in the Rough. This is the philosophy that I work with when I document my daily routines. I am attracted to subjects that are reflected or illuminated by light in every instance. As light is essential and common in photography, I was more fascinated about how all this light is a representation of how I see this idea of hope; that doing this body of work would more importantly little by little encourage me to continue my journey in photography.


I have also subconsciously developed a habit of shooting at least an image a day. I hope that taking a photo every day would really help me in this process sort of getting my craft better but at the same time, it's really about still trying to keep myself go at it.


Interestingly, the everyday seemingly behaves like the diamond in the rough too. We go through the everyday as it is; with a mundanity. But yet, if we take time to focus on our everyday, maybe we will be able to see something different even though things around us could pretty much be the same. The obvious becomes even more and the things that we don't pay attention to give us new sight.

Shown in Undescribed #6 , DECK 

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