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Two Week Wonderland explores the idea of a wonderland experience in a temporal social context. From plain grass to a constructed amusement park, seemingly the idea of coming together to do an activity, to cohere at a central area is re-surfacing in the heartlands. These grassy areas, when barren, are often reserved with a sign that reads “STATE LAND,” followed by “This site for casual community and recreational use” or “Land used for future development.”  Sites like these that are governed are now taken over by a waft of childhood memories with the installation of the amusement parks.

Through documenting these moments of installation, rides, and de-installation of a temporal amusement park near Tampines last October, the artist wants to make such an experience relatable to himself through the people present at the site with him. For him, a realm has been effectively constructed, but strangely short-lived, even though he made himself present consistently for the entire duration of two weeks. Two Week Wonderland presents a state of dichotomy, caught in a cycle of imaginative permanence.

Shown at Comma Space under 12 SOLO (9/12)

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