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Tabula Rasa means ‘A Clean Slate’. The series encompasses two layers. One of which are personal memories, stories, and speculations of these banal everyday subjects while the other layer expounds on capturing the intangible layer of what it means to go through the midst of a wipeout.

In Singapore, we witness this paleness through the value of constant re-development. This initiative, in this case, is represented by this instability, the nearly fade out. The word “progress” is also an affirmation that the country is flourishing, however, for citizens, the outcome is the inverse, where there is a possible numbness, nothingness, and awareness towards the word and the phenomenon.

In a broader context, these images are captured within and around the Housing Development Board (HDB) public housing/ apartments. Tabula Rasa hopes to question the idea of accleration and temporality, especially in Singapore.

Shown at

UNTAPPED 2019 Programme 

Visual Arts Development Association Singapore

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