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A resident alien on this Earth.


Ivan Ong (b.1994) is a Singaporean artist, who documents his relationship with the everyday. His diaristic practice explores ideas of home and existence in the commute, musing, and the mundane. He started out by photographing corridor spaces and objects that contain signature traces of households. Moving forward, he is progressively taking his practice outward to illuminate interactions and installations within the city. In doing so, he locates the serendipitous amidst reality.

Ivan Ong has exhibited his works at Workshopables at Supernormal (2022), Comma Space (2020), Undescribed #6 by DECK (2020), UNTAPPED by Visual Arts Development Association Singapore (VADA) at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore (2019) and Tracking Status: Expedited, Alliance Française Singapore (2019).


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